Treatments to make our hair thicker

No, we won’t have to put up with flat hair anymore: here are some thickening treatments that will bring our hair back to life!

We all dream of having nice, thick, shiny locks. But as we age, our hair can change and make life difficult.

As the years go by, many women find that their hair becomes thinner and loses vitality. It can become especially dull and tired during the winter, due to a combination of low temperatures and the drying effect of artificial heating. Fortunately, there are simple ways to add volume and thickness without going to the salon and without breaking the bank.

Choose the right products

It’s important to use a shampoo and conditioner developed for your hair sort.

Tips for thicker-looking hair

After nourishing our hair with the best care, here are some simple tips and techniques we can all put into practice.

When styling someone’s hair for a special occasion, professionals often use dry shampoo to add volume to the hair. Another technique is to try to style your hair with a parting on the opposite side of your hair from your usual side, or even not have a defined parting! If our hair can be flattened on either side of a parting that always remains the same, we can gain volume by moving it or by adopting a destructured parting.

Rediscover the styling mousse

Styling mousse used to have a reputation for leaving a dry film on hair, but today’s formulas are much more discreet so as not to weigh down fine hair. Try applying the equivalent of a golf ball to the entire root area before blow-drying. Or follow the advice of experts who say it’s best to distribute the mousse evenly with a comb from the middle to the ends of the hair.

Our expert advice for thicker hair

  • Some beauty editors recommend applying conditioner before washing hair to restore softness, but that doesn’t work for everyone.
  • According to some experts, to give our hair some lift, we should avoid putting conditioner on our roots, as it will weigh it down. Instead, apply conditioner only to the ends, from mid-height to the tips.
  • Finally, for denser, thicker hair, we shouldn’t overuse the hair dryer, especially if we use a brush to smooth it out during the drying process, as this can totally devitalize our mane.

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