Tips against greasy hair

Want to stop having greasy hair? Here are some tips to say goodbye to greasy hair for good.

Tired of having greasy hair, dandruff and abnormal hair loss? Blame it on our excess sebum! Sebum is produced by our sebaceous glands and its main role is to moisturize the scalp and hair. Our body is constantly producing this natural oil which, in excess, leads us to know a few tips against greasy hair!

Good shampoo against greasy hair

The first tip against oily hair is to invest in a good shampoo, adapted to this problem. Oily hair is often accompanied by dandruff, so it is necessary to clean the scalp with an effective and fragrant anti-dandruff shampoo for a real breath of freshness!

Once you have the right shampoo in hand, the little trick against oily hair is to be satisfied with a shampoo every three days! Daily shampooing is not recommended for people with oily hair, as the process is too aggressive and may cause the opposite effect. So even if you have to wait several weeks before you see any real results, there are other little tricks against greasy hair that will help the action of shampooing.

Tips against greasy hair

  • The first tip against greasy hair is during shampooing: don’t wash your hair with water that is too hot. Why not? Because hot water will activate the sebaceous glands, this small organ located under each hair, whose function is to produce sebum. Lukewarm water is much more beneficial for the scalp.
  • In the same vein, it’s best to avoid hair dryers and straightening irons! The heat and the contact of the iron greatly stimulate the sebaceous glands, which feel an aggression on the hair. If you really need to use a hair dryer, use soft, warm air.
  • Another tip to combat greasy hair when shampooing is to massage with your fingertips… not with your fingernails! This avoids the risk of small lesions that will bring out the sebum and create dandruff. In the same way, to pass the hand too often in the hair is not a good idea if one tends to have the fatty hair. This act will also stimulate the sebaceous glands.
  • For those who tend to get oily hair quickly, even with regular use of an anti-dandruff shampoo, applying a dry shampoo as a supplement can be a good solution. Lightly spraying it on the roots and then brushing it out can help you finish the day without that oily look on your scalp. A little trick against greasy hair: you can replace the dry shampoo with talcum powder. It doesn’t leave white marks and is quite effective.
  • Finally, to combat greasy hair, a good diet is essential. Eating too much fat and too much sugar has harmful effects on our body, and having greasy hair is one of them. All the toxins, fat and sugar present in a rich diet will cause hormonal imbalances that accelerate the production of sebum.


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