How to take care of your hair: the best tips

Want healthy, shiny hair? Here are some tips and Dos and Don’ts for taking care of your hair.

Hair is sometimes your best friend, sometimes not so much… But either way, hair is both an accessory and a reflection of your health. Conclusion? You have to take care of it! Your hair needs the right products and a few tips to look its best: follow the guide!

5 Basic tips for taking care of your hair

How to take care of your hair? Let’s start with the basics! There are a few golden rules to keep your hair healthy and beautiful.

  • Golden rule #1 for beautiful hair: go to the hairdresser at least every 6 weeks, to lighten the hair from its dry and split ends.
  • Golden rule #2 for beautiful hair: invest in the right products: the right shampoo for your hair type; a detangling hair care product; a mask… Use a little, but use the right ones!
  • Golden rule #3 for beautiful hair: eat well, with an adequate supply of protein, and plenty of water. Yes, the beauty of our hair is linked to the health of our body!
  • Golden rule #4 for beautiful hair: pay close attention to your hair when it’s wet, that’s when it’s most vulnerable. (We tell you all about it at the end of the article in The 5 most common hair care mistakes!)
  • Golden rule #5 for beautiful hair: choose the right accessories. Brush or comb your hair once or twice a day, no more, with a wide-toothed comb or a brush with a rubber base (for anti-static effect) and nylon or bristle bristles. The finer the hair, the more important it is that the bristles be natural. Try to leave hair loose every other day: hairpins or tight elastics can break your hair.How do I shampoo my hair for good looks?

A big question that comes up often when it comes to hair care is how often to wash your hair. For many people, beautiful hair starts with well-washed hair! And it’s true… in a way. Because washing your hair well is not about stripping it with the wrong product, but about paying attention to the frequency of washing and using the right shampoo.

Here again, choosing the right hair care products is essential. You must therefore observe your hair to choose the right care products. For example, you should know that the body secretes a grease that is permanently deposited on the skin and hair; this grease, called sebum, plays an important role in moisturizing the skin as well as making it waterproof. Without sebum, the skin dries out. But this is what makes hair greasy…

Take a lock of hair. Observe it. Is your hair damaged? Is it dry? Is it dull? Do you have split ends? In all these cases, it is not advisable to wash your hair every day. If you have an oily scalp at the end of the day after washing your hair in the morning, or if your hair is flat and lacks volume, then a daily shampoo is necessary…. If you have this problem (an oily scalp and very dry hair, for example), try alternating shampoo and dry shampoo: this will give your hair a break. Don’t hesitate to ask your hairdresser for advice: they always have great tips and tricks for hair beauty.


The 5 absolute prohibitions of hair care…

Beware, there are the good tips for taking care of your hair… and then there are the others! Some of your habits may be harmful to your hair: its moisture, its shine, its structure … and ruin all the efforts you make to have beautiful hair. So for the beauty of hair, here are 5 things to avoid:

  • Tip #1 for beautiful hair: avoid… using the wrong shampoo. You can’t properly care for your hair if you don’t know what it needs. Dry hair, fine hair: ask your hairdresser for advice once and for all. He or she will help you find your hair type.
  • Tip #2 for beautiful hair: avoid… brushing wet hair. Wet hair is more fragile. As a result, trying to untangle it after a shower will break it! Always use a conditioner, which will make detangling easier, and proceed gently, with a wide-toothed comb.
  • Tip #3 for beautiful hair: avoid… rubbing your hair with a towel. This is a very common bad habit, which actually weakens the hair. And then, after that, your hair looks “frothy” and shaggy. For beautiful hair, it is more advisable to cover the hair with a towel, and let it dry without touching for 5 to 10 minutes. Blot with pressure, without rubbing.
  • Tip #4 for beautiful hair: avoid… putting off going to the hairdresser. A haircut is not only good for your morale, it is also good for the health and beauty of your hair. In fact, the ends of your hair become split and damaged. There’s nothing like a little scissoring to make them disappear and beautify your hair. The right frequency: every 3 months.
  • Tip #5 for beautiful hair: avoid… overusing the straightener. Some people even go so far as to use it every day. The problem is that the straightener dries out the hair fiber. Once in a while is fine, but any more and your hair is likely to suffer. Protect your hair with a spray before straightening, and limit straightening to twice a week.

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