How to keep your summer tan

How to take care of your skin to keep your summer tan as long as possible without damaging it? Find out the tips.

I’ve never really been a fan of tanning. During the vacations, I prefer to go for walks rather than spend my days basking in the sun. However, I do enjoy the copper color that my skin takes on during my long swims and walks and I wouldn’t mind if this tan lasted a few more weeks. This complexion allows me to wear colors that I wouldn’t dare think about for the rest of the year (this damn pale skin…). So here’s how I go about keeping my tan for longer…

1. A great softness for all our daily beauty care

There’s nothing like a nice warm bath to relax, I admit. But let’s stick to the shower for now. That way, our skin doesn’t have to stay in contact with water for as long and is therefore less likely to peel. Mild soaps can also be a great help. Since gentleness knows no bounds, let’s go easy on the skin scrub. Contrary to popular belief, this treatment does not diminish the tan in any way, but rather revives the skin’s radiance while preventing the formation of those dreaded brown spots.

2. Moisturizing, a habit to adopt morning and night

If we can’t do without our moisturizer during the vacations, why should we give up our good habits at this time of year, especially since dryness and flaking are the main causes of our pale complexion? It is therefore important to moisturize not only our skin, morning and night, but also our body by drinking at least two liters of water per day. This way, our skin will be all the more supple and we will feel much lighter! Moisturizing well therefore contributes greatly to maintaining our tan.

3. On the menu: color and freshness

Let’s stock up on fruits and vegetables of all colors (yellow, orange, red…) and enjoy them before, during and after any exposure to the sun. Our dishes should include vegetables such as carrots, rich in beta-carotene, peppers, with vitamin C and carotenoids, and tomatoes, known for their high lycopene content. This will enhance the tanning. As far as fruit is concerned, let’s not hesitate to indulge in peaches, berries and melons, which are real sources of vitamins with undeniable antioxidant properties.

4. The joy of the last rays of sunshine

This season still allows us to enjoy the outdoor environment. Let’s make the most of these last rays of sunshine as soon as possible – lunch break, afternoon stroll in the park, weekend by the sea or in the mountains – in order to stimulate the production of melanin, the pigment responsible for our beautiful summer complexion, and thus keep our tan as long as possible. Let’s make the most of it because it’s good for both your skin and your morale!

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