How to have soft legs

Want to know how to get smooth legs before heading to the beach this summer? Here are some tips for smooth and beautiful legs.

With summer approaching, we obviously think about losing belly and thighs, but also about having beautiful legs once on the beach. It’s quite simple, “how to have smooth legs” can quickly become an obsession! Just like finding the right makeup for summer… So don’t panic, here are some tips and tricks to have beautiful legs, soft and pleasant to the touch.

Having soft legs: which hair removal method?

How can you have smooth legs without knowing the best way to remove hair? Many women still prefer razors. And for good reason, they have evolved a lot in recent years. Quick and easy to use, the razor allows to leave the legs soft at least one evening, even one day. However, it cannot be the solution for smooth legs before the vacations. Since hair grows back more quickly than with waxing, it’s best to reserve it for impromptu parties.

Waxing is certainly the most effective of all, but it requires considerable know-how. Not always as economical as it seems (the wax and the appliance can be quite expensive), strip waxing has the advantage of doing the job rather well, even if it’s better not to move away from your tweezers for the finishing touches. One more hitch to having smooth legs? The pain!

Finally, strip waxing is quite effective for smooth legs, but it requires a lot of equipment (strips, a roll-on and wax refills). As with all waxing, you must then apply an oil to moisturize the skin, remove the residue and have soft legs!

The electric epilator is therefore a very interesting alternative, because it is always at hand. Quick to use, it doesn’t require the kind of insane organization required for waxing. And it’s economical, because it’s self-sufficient: goodbye to wax refills!

Tips for smooth legs

So how do you get smooth legs after waxing? You absolutely must use a scrub. You can exfoliate after waxing, but doing so beforehand will help to remove subcutaneous hair. Using a body scrub does not harm the skin if you don’t insist on it. A few passes with the hands or a glove are enough.

Speaking of gloves, there are now exfoliating gloves to have soft legs without products. Just put your usual shower gel on the glove and rub: guaranteed effect!

Finally, don’t forget to moisturize your skin after waxing to keep your legs soft. We’ve already talked about body oils, but we shouldn’t forget the usual moisturizing creams and milks. Less widespread, the body butter allows to moisturize in depth the very dry skins.

Finally, don’t forget to pack a special dry tanning oil! Indeed, dry sun oils are your best allies once you are lying on your towel. With their anti-oxidant properties, they fight against harmful UV rays and premature aging of the skin. So before going out in the sun, apply a little dry oil on your skin to have soft legs and facilitate your tanning. But be careful: using sun oil does not mean you don’t need to use sunscreen!

What are your tips for keeping your legs soft?

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